Cheque Vacance

What is the Cheque Vacance?

Cheque Vacance is a Holiday Voucher that the company offers to their employees as an incentive for their hard work. The amount of the Voucher will be divided to monthly settlements that must be covered within one year.

This amount can either be paid totally by the company or the employee can participate in this plan by paying 50% of the amount on monthly basis.

The amount will be saved at COREX or at the company for every employee’s account

COREX offers the employees customized valuable packages that suit all budgets (with maximum exposure, adventure, activities, tours....).


Benefits of the Cheque Vacance

Benefits for the employees:

  • Motivation
  • Exposure
  • Stress Releaser
  • Self-Satisfaction
  • Personal Relationship

Benefits for the Company:

  • Increase of Employees Productivity
  • Increase in the Company's Revenue
  • More Loyal Employees
  • No more accumulated vacations
  • Positive Teamwork Environment